Thursday, November 5, 2009


Coming soon - Venice 2010!

To get in the mood I've been looking at my Venice pictures from 2 years ago.  Stay tuned for more photos later.

A gondola on the Grand Canal.

Here's how the "streets" look.

Everything comes into Venice via boat and in the early morning they bring in the goods and unload with handcarts.

This was a shot thru a window at their pizza offerings that day. Yum!

A typical canal and bridge.

Another canal but this one seemed to be a "parking" area for gondolas.

I stayed on the island of Murano so took the vaporetto back and forth. Some days it was quite foggy.

The famous Rialto Bridge spanning the Grand Canal.

St. Marks Square.

Love those gondolas!

I never did find out what this statue was for - it was near Venice, in the lagoon, on my trip from Murano to Fondamente Nuove.

This guy was in the Doge's Palace and was for people to put information into - kind of a post office for tip offs!

Love the mask shops!

Some baker was quite clever making these breads into faces.

This was a police boat on the Grand Canal.


Thursday, October 29, 2009

New Humane Society of Huron Valley

Welcome to the brand new Humane Society of Huron Valley. This is a certified green building. Today I volunteer dog walked and just wanted to get some photos in of the new building. There are still things being done in the building but the animals are moved in.

Wall art at the Humane Society in Ann Arbor MI.

New lobby has a gathering area.

Construction still around but this shows a corner of the new building.

This is the new entrance. The bricks will eventually be engraved with messages.

And the cats are very happy in their nice new play rooms!

And the dogs have beautiful spacious kennels with windows they can push to go outside. there is radient heat outside when it is cold.

One of the wings for the dogs.

Kitten condos.

More cats. There are several rooms with cats, kittens and cats in play areas. There are also rooms where the public can take a cat or a dog and visit and see if they get along with their family.

The new lobby at the entrance.

These lights are kind of cool.

Some nice hanging lights over the front desk.

A Murano glass globe light in the lobby.

Another shot of the new lobby.

One of the puppies available for adoption. We were giving "puppy love" this morning.

There are pathways in the woods - still under construction.

Kind of foggy this morning but this shows the outside of one of the dog wings.

Another shot from outside showing dogs walking with the volunteers on the path.

The old and the new. This is the old 1950's dog kennel wing with the new one next to it. The old Humane Society of Huron Valley building will be taken down and made into the new parking lot for the new building.


Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Walk iin the Woods on Beaver Island

Recently I took a walk in the woods on a trail near the township campground on Beaver Island. It was late in the afternoon so the light was interesting.

The maples were starting to turn.

I love the moss that grows in the path. Always have to reach down and "pet" it!

Some of the ferns in the woods.

The trail with the late afternoon shadows.

A spot of light on the Maple leaves.

The ferns were starting to turn colors and die off.

Light hitting the bark of a pine tree.

A look into the woods.

The trail comes out onto Hanigan's Road.

The light was hitting our sign.

This is the lane to our cabin.

And at the cabin there were two of my curly Life is Good girls!!


Monday, September 28, 2009

Sunrises on Beaver Island


Venus and the moon are in this shot but don't know if you can see it.

Misty sunrise.

This is a series of sunrise shots (these are all from my deck) over Lake Michigan. I just kept clicking as the sun rose.

The water produces the nice colors I guess.

This is a sunset shot with the lake in beautiful pinks and blues.