Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Jewelry & Shopping. (#12)

Of course one of the reasons we come to Venice is to get inspired in our jewelry making and bead making. The colors here and the ideas we get from Venetian glass makers and the way they arrange shop windows help our creations.

This was a small bowl in the miniature glass exhibit.

Handmade leather necklace

Sponge purses at the Peggy Guggenheim Museum.

Wood carved bag!

Marbled papers.

We went to see our favorite Venetian glassmaker today, Vittorio Constantini. He is the maestro who makes, in glass, natural wonders. Here's his smile!

And as always a lovely canal shot!
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Monday, April 16, 2012

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Beautiful day in Venice. (#11)

Today no rain until this evening when all of a sudden we had a big thunder boomer, then a downpour and then rain! Even the big turtle in the garden below was running for cover. (we think those people eat them as there were two turtles, now one).

This morning we had some light fog. I like my photo of Salute church in a little fog!

My favorite puppy -- Mia, the Stafordshire Bull Terrier (4 months).

I wanted to show some of the different and unique chimneys here. Those have some spiral thing inside that helps to put out the cinders before they get outside. These were for the times when there were lots of wood houses around.

This chimney is across from our apartment and is practically a work of art!

This one is kind of pretty.

And who lives in this upstairs room??

This looks giant sized!

This is across the canal from our apartment on a nice building.

This is on "our" canal.

Wanted to also show how we do washing. Washing machines are small. Electricity is very expensive in Italy. No dryers so everything either dries outside on the line or inside by the radiators.

Our little washing machine is in the bathroom. We don't use it but wash by hand and hang out.

Our balcony.

When it is rainy it may be better drip drying in the shower!
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Sunday, April 15, 2012

Venetian food (#10)

Italy has wonderful food. Things are so fresh..the bread, the cheese. The wine is good. Since we are in an apartment and my roommates are all wonderful cooks, we have been enjoying the fresh vegetables, etc. but we do eat out and I take photos of the colorful foods.

Some kind of candy.

I had this fruit salad in Florence and it was delicious.

This was wonderful wine we had at dinner in a restaurant a couple of times. :)

At the Rialto Market there was also meats.

Yes...gelato is good!

In a store window I saw Campbell's soup in Italian.

Sharlyn savorimg her cappuccino .

Creme Carmel

Cannoli ... I love these things!

Not sure what these are?

I'll end with this photo as it is just so pretty!
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Saturday, April 14, 2012

Cats and dogs of Venice (#9)

Dogs seem to be allowed everywhere here in Venice . I've seen them in the grocery store, the restaurants, the stores, the vaporettos. Great place to have a dog! Not many stray cats around as they have been eliminated. We have seen a few cats that are in apartments or near their homes.
Here are photos of some of the animals I've seen here. We've met several people as we like to pet the dogs!

A Chow and a puppy.

Sometimes people will tie up their dogs onto their doorway..this cocker spaniel was tied outside his apartment near my apartment, early one morning.

This darling puppy, Mia, is a 4 month old Stafordshire bull terrier (not a pit bull). She almost looks fake here but she is very real! She was a cutie; I could take her home with me. She belongs to the neighborhood antique dealer.

This guy lounges around our apartment!

Photo taken from the apartment.

An older Bouvier.

This is our local trattoria where we have cappuccino every morning and the dogs come in with their owners .... Sometimes getting scraps from the shop owner!

A restaurant where we stopped for lunch and cappuccino. Isn't he a cutie?

Today we met Max, a pug, in a jewelry shop. He wasn't too interested in us but when a little girl came to see him he practically smiled at her!

This is my 80 lb lap dog back home...I miss her!
Ciao !
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