Monday, February 8, 2010

Valentine's Day - coming soon!


Valentine's Day is just "around the corner."  Have you thought about what to get your sweetie?  Or if you just like hearts, jewelry with red, I have a few new items at Beaver Island Jewelry that you might like. Above is an earring set - red Chihuly like discs hanging from sterling silver heart chain.  Swarovski crystals on either side of the glass discs to add some sparkle.  Only $30.

Glass handmade hearts and sterling hearts hanging from a chain for a lovely necklace!  $135 includes a free little box of chocolates before Valentine's Day.  


Beads.  Frog hanging onto a heart - he's cute I think.  Handmade Murano glass.  See Frog Bead page.   And the off-mandrel purply heart.  Love the colors.  There is a hole in the top to hang this from a chain or cord.  See the Focals page of Beaver Island Jewelry.

Some handmade glass heart bead earrings.  These are on sterling silver French Wires so they stay more secure in your ear.  $35 on the earring page.  And my special "cane" earrings. In the canes I mix lots of colors, then use the cane to make earrings.  This takes some time but I love making these cylinder shapes for earrings as they elongate your face. These red cylinders hang from sterling silver wires.  $35 on the earring page. 

Just made some sweet treats - cupcakes!  Handmade lampwork glass cupcakes that is.  So that is "0" calories!  Will make these into something today and put on my website, Beaver Island Jewelry.
Email me if interested in anything or look at the website.   

One other sweet treat is my bracelet that reminds me of my favorite mmmm good candy.  Check this out on my Bracelets page.  

Did I mention that you will get a free zipper pull (my choice) with any purchase before Valentine's Day? 

Please take a look at the Beaver Island Jewelry webpage.