Saturday, June 11, 2011

Bead & Button Day 3

tomorrow we leave Milwaukee. Sharlyn leaves at 4 am! I leave at 5:30 am! She is flying to Houston and I'm on Lake Express ferry to Muskegon MI.

Bead & Button was fun, we bought lots of things and enjoyed our classes. Saw some friends.

Here are some photos from today.

View from the Hyatt hotel. Milwaukee river is behind the big building.

View from elevator at hotel as I was descending.

This morning view at wasn't very crowded! But it filled up later. Some vendors doing very well, others not.

My "loot" from today.

One of the Mary Hettsmanperger pendants i bought.

Czech beads from Ravens Journey..a favorite place!

So, I had better go pack up!

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Friday, June 10, 2011

Bead & Button Day Two

This day was mostly spent in a class: Mixing Metals with Mary Hettmansperger. I would take another class from her in a heartbeat. My class worked with silver PMC and copper. We made our silver items and then worked on cutting copper, patina, pounding the metal with patterns.

The following pictures are of her things:

As you can see she makes really cool items that can also work with lamp work.

Next is a photo of my finished pieces. The domed silver item is PMC. sterling silver. I even did weaving with paper PMC!

Then for dinner we had Thai which was excellent. We met our friends Dawn and Annmarie.

No shopping today...but tomorrow I will be back!

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Bead & Button 2011

Fun trip over to Milwaukee from Muskegon MI on the Lake Express since waves were about 4-5 feet. We were rock and rolling. Luckily I took a dramimene so I was just drowsy .

Inside the Lake Express.

- Then the show opened at 4 pm and we went shopping! Below is Karen Richards "metamorphis".

And Sharon Peters always Funny beads.

I voted for the pink flower necklace above and it won!

People waiting for opening bell for Bead $ Button.