Tuesday, March 25, 2008

U.S. Coast Guard Cutter rescues Beaver Island

Beaver Island is rationing gas as they are iced in. Gas is at $4.95 a gallon--and you think YOU had high gas prices! The above photo is of the Cutter Biscayne Bay but doesn't show the operation on Beaver Island. The other photo shows Lake Michigan with some ice and then a summer shot of Paradise Bay - it is very beautiful in the photo but during the winter it is ice.

Because of the ice cover over Lake Michigan and Paradise Bay, the island could not bring in more gas this winter thus the rationing. So, the U.S. Coast Guard Cutter Biscayne Bay came to Paradise Bay to make way for the Beaver Island ferry, Emerald Isle and some gas for the islanders! This is all part of the fun of living on an island. At least the islanders had a fun day watching all this take place. They always enjoy watching a good show!

While we are on the topic of ice and snow: Ann Arbor has had the snowiest winter since 1880! So far this March (just March!) we've had 16.7 inches of snow and we still have some more days to go. The total amount of snow here in Ann Arbor, to date, is 85 inches and we still have April left. And we usually get snow in April. We knew we were sick of snowblowing and shoveling! Check out the Ann Arbor News article for more info.


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