Monday, May 5, 2008

Electric Car Show on Beaver Island

This was a car I saw in Florence which is probably a Zapcar - three wheels. It was tiny and this is electric.
This I call the Barbie car - it is a Smartcar--made by Swatch and Mercedes Benz. It was in Florence.
I love this matching set!! A pink Smartcar and a moped! I saw these in Florence.
Smart car (not electric)


Zenn car
There will be an electric car show on Beaver Island on June 27th and 28th. They will have about 13 different electric cars there to drive and look at: Zenn, GEM, Vantage, Zapcar. Should be fun to see--especially the offloading of the ferry on the 27th of June at 10:45 a.m. Beaver Island is fast becoming the electric car showplace! There are already about three electric cars on the island.
On Beaver Island there are presently three (free) charging stations with two more coming soon. With gasoline at over $5 a gallon on Beaver Island, electric is the way to go! Plus you don't need the high speeds. King's Highway speed limit is 50 mph and that is about the fastest on the whole island!

Here's a video on YouTube about the Zenn Car (click on Zenn Car). It costs 1 cent a mile to recharge it with a regular plug, regular electricity. Its like recharging your cell phone. Zenn stands for zero emsion no noise. That is ZERO emissions!

Zapcar video on YouTube: Zapcar (click on Zapcar). Zapcars have 3 wheels, electric, relatively inexpensive, no maintainance.

There is also the Smartcar which is coming to America. These are gas powered but get around 40 mpg. I saw lots of Smartcars in Florence, Italy. Smartcars are made by Swatch and Mercedes Benz.

I will have more information after I go to the Electric Car Show on the island in June. Or come visit the island the weekend of June 27th and 28th to see the new and used electric cars. They will be selling cars there and taking orders. We are definitely thinking about it!



ellen said...

Good to know somebody is thinking about the future and fuel consumption.

Beaver Island Jewelry said...

Ellen - I think Beaver Island is going to be in the forefront for electric cars here in Michigan. Mostly out of necessity!!

kimberly said...

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