Friday, September 26, 2008

Huron Valley Humane Society Groundbreaking - Ann Arbor MI

The Huron Valley Humane Society in Ann Arbor MI had a groundbreaking for the new shelter on September 23, 2008. These are some photos from the groundbreaking ceremony with the dog digging the hole! That was the cute part. Plus there were lots of dogs mingling with the guests.

These two dogs above came to the shelter as a pair of siblings. Their owner died on the golf course and the neighbors had to rescue the dogs as no one else was home. So the shelter hopes to adopt the two dogs together. They are older dogs and and were very nice.

Here's the young pit bull who had the honor of digging the hole. She did a great job and kept digging so all the photographers could get good photos!

Behind the director they were tearing down trees for the new shelter. The work has started and is taking place behind the old shelter. The old shelter will be torn down to make the parking when the new shelter is complete. Since the old shelter is 1950 vintage -- we really really need a new, modern shelter. The animals won't be so distressed in the new shelter.


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