Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Heat Wave on Beaver Island

This shows some of the erosion on the beach from the high water. There is a little ledge . Sorry the photos aren't in line but I don't know how to do that. They all appear at the top of the page!

My dog laying in my sandy garden.

Some of the flowers blooming on the island right now - the Hairy Puccoon. They grow in the sand, on the dunes and are very pretty in their bright yellow color.

Here's a photo of our beach on Sand Bay - the water is up about 1 foot so there isn't as much beach left!!

My husband is here for a couple weeks which is good as we had scooter problems. It was on a solar trickle charger all winter which kept the battery charged up but something else needed repair so I was glad Cary was here to help! After some consultation with some of the folks in town he figured out what was wrong and fixed it. It then was fine to take me for a ride up the road and back.
Today it is in the 80's on the island and kind of humid. The day is absolutely gorgeous with blue skys. Most people here don't have air conditioning but the Community Center where we do our computer work has a/c so it is a beautiful place to be situated at the moment! We really need rain - there hasn't been rain here for a few weeks.

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