Saturday, March 27, 2010

New beaded jewelry

Ruffle earrings.  I like these little beaded earrings - in gold shades on sterling wires.

The bunny and pink beads are presently on eBay (under BeaverIslandBeads).  The cupcakes were on eBay but did not sell so they are available.  I had them listed for $9.99 so if interested tell me now before I raise the price or make them into something!

 Love these cupcake beads - formed by hand, torched and then put into a kiln.  Two different sets of cupcakes hanging from sterling silver wires.

 More new earrings!  Set on the left is for folks who love the hoop look.  But these have added dangles along with the handmade Petoskey stone look glass beads.  

The Red Queen heart earrings have floating metal chips inside the glass beads to add some interest!  

Check out Beaver Island Jewelry for further information.


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