Friday, April 23, 2010

Venice in the Spring & Volcano!

I love this bead that I made and just wanted to showcase it!  Will try some more similar to this later.

Right now I should be in Venice, enjoying the cafe lattes, scenic views, nice weather, glass on Murano, lace on Burano, but a volcano happened!  One I cannot even pronounce the name to.  Our plane to Amsterdam, then Venice was canceled due to the ash cloud so our trip has been postponed until the fall.  The deposit on our apartment was thankfully moved to our new time.  The only trouble is that we have to wait another six months!!  But maybe that is like having two Christmas'.  Anticipation.

So, to help me get through I am putting some past photos that I took in Venice on my blog.

 Everything coming into or out of Venice is moved by boat and then handcarts.  Everything.  This shows items coming in to a store, early morning.

 Cat mask.  Cute isn't she?  The mask shops are fun to browse.

 A couple scenes of Venice.  You justcannot take a good photo in Venice.  The first one is off of San Marco Square, the gondolas docked waiting for customers.  And a lovely small canal somewhere inside Venice.  
This is a photo of the glass pots at the Orsoni Mosaic Factory in Venice.  I took a little tour and their cat, Felix, was walking around.  This factory makes the little mosaics that go into many of the mosaics around Venice.  Here's one:

This was in a shop I passed by, somewhere in Venice.  Some clever breadmaker had made the bread into these faces.

This is the secret mail slot in the Doge's Palace where you could "rat out" your neighbor.  

 Of course, lots of cool, interesting jewelry in the shops.  This is a photo I snapped going by a shop.  

Well, that was just a "taste" of Venice from my last trip there two years ago.  My mind is walking around there right now -- but I am at home.


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