Monday, March 21, 2011

This and That

I looked back at some of my Italy October 2010 photos and some were missing so I have gone back and re-added the photos.  I think when I got a new computer with a different system on it some of the photos were lost.  Go figure. 

Also, I wanted to show some new photos of the "new" puppy!  She is now six months old.

Shopping at Pet Smart

Still little pup

The Chessie smile!  Playing at Paw Run dog park.

 Getting bigger and favorite giraffe. 

A favorite chair until we had to move it out of the room as she started eating it--made a hole!

 New dog in town!
At Huron Clinton Metro Park

A Paw Run dog park taking a walk. February 2011.

She is about 5 months above photo.

So she ate the blue chair which we moved out of the room, then put this IKEA chair in its place which she started chewing on so out it went.  Now she lays on the floor!  She is six months in this photo.

Enough photos of the puppy!


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