Tuesday, January 8, 2013

One Glass Beadmakers' Life

It has been a long time since I posted here on my blog.  With my "two lives" it takes a while to settle back into the Ann Arbor life after spending all summer on Beaver Island (Michigan).  And then the holidays come and go....

Below is a photo taken on Beaver Island with the family:  Cary, me and Niko the dog! And a sunrise photo from Beaver Island. Almost every day I got a sunrise shot from Beaver Island - they just seem to be nicer there.


The photo below is taken in my studio on Beaver Island. It shows me making a bead with the gas torch. I have a mandrel in my left hand, then heating Italian glass with my right hand until it is molten. Then the glass is wrapped onto the mandrel, formed into whatever type of bead that you are making. You can add glass frit to decorate the bead, add glass flowers, etc. It all depends on your skill level how it will look! You can see the glass rods around the bench. That is what I melt with the torch. After the bead is formed it goes into a kiln for about 6-8 hours to anneal or harden it. Then you clean the bead and you have one handmade glass bead.

In Ann Arbor, I am back volunteering at the Humane Society of Huron Valley (www.hshv.org) doing dog customer care which is helping people find a dog they want to adopt.  It is great to see the dogs find a "forever home."  Exercising at my gym is also keeping me occupied and also playing tennis once or twice a week. 

We have seen some good movies this winter - Lincoln was excellent, The Hobbit and Jack Reacher.  We love reading mysteries and Jack Reacher the movie was very good. 

And below are some photos of items that I have on my ETSY site right now.  Check out my shop with the ETSY link above! 

Swarovski crystal earrings - love the sparkle!

Lightweight bangles.  Easy to wear, fun, colorful.


                   Leather skull bracelet.  I love mine!

Vertebra necklace.  Handmade glass bead.

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