Friday, April 13, 2012

Rain rain go away. #8

I know that spring flowers need rain but this is getting to be enough. Here I Venice it is a damp cold. That is why all the Venetians (men too) wear the beautiful scarves. That is why we visitors buy all the lovely scarves.
Today our trip, after cappuccino at the trattoria, was to the Rialto Market. First, at the trattoria I love to watch the dogs come in. A couple of dogs will go back by the sandwiches and beg for a scrap which the tratorria owners usually give to the dogs.

On the Vaporetto heading towards the Rialto Bridge.

In Campo San Giacomo, with buildings from 1520 we found the granite hunchback that Rick Steve's travel guide suggested we find. He calls the area the "wall street" of medieval Europe and this column closest to the "Wall Street Journal."
Someone would climb the stairs and read the daily news from the doge, what ships were docked, the price of pepper, etc.

The porch here on this old church was a shelter for the poor. The church is St James the Minor and it watched over the business community, encouraging honesty when banking regulations were non existent.

Since nothing is grown on Venice, everything is shipped in and the market where they sell it is shown in my photos, along with the fish market.

Some meat in the case.

Fish in the market. Prices were very reasonable for fish and the fruit/vegetables.

We also ran into a spice shop.

We walked home, this being along the way.

I found a gooood cannolli! Yum.
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