Friday, April 6, 2012

Venice .. A new year (2012)

About 1 1/2 years ago I went to Venice, Italy with a couple friends. We stayed in an apartment for two weeks, living like Venetians as best we could.

This year, now in April 2012, I have been lucky enough to revisit this beautiful city, rising from the sea. It is a city of elegant decay as Rick Steves says. This time I feel as if I know more about the city, how to get around, a few more Italian words and maybe a little more about the people. Of course, as a glass beadmaker, this is "mecca" for me.

There are four other women with me, staying in a rental apartment. We arrived in style from the airport via a water taxi. Since we had 5 people we could share the cost. The water taxi got us right in front of the apartment where the rental folks met us to show the apartment.

This was on a wall.

Rialto Bridge over the Grand Canal.

This is how goods are brought to the shops--handcarts by strong men!

Every morning I look forward to my cappuccino at our local trattoria.

Here's three of us. Deb, me, Sharlyn.

Phyllis made us matzo ball soup tonight.

Jan is the fifth person (on left). Our wireless was out for a while so when it came back we got on!

Love this saying (at the Peggy Guggenheim museum). :)

I won't show the front of this bronze at the Peggy Guggenheim (unless you insist)!

Maybe a couple more pix:

View of Grand Canal from Guggenheim.

Since I miss my pup so much every dog I encounter is special. The top one is a 4 month bull terrier puppy, Mia, who runs an antique shop with her owner. I believe the other is a chow chow but kind of looks like a lion, the symbol of Venice.

Ciao for now!

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