Sunday, April 8, 2012

Upstairs downstairs in Florence (#4)

Greetings from Florence !
We took the Eurostar train from Venice to Florence, staying overnight. I am in a room with 2 others ( they put me in the closet!) at Hotel La Scallata. We have to go upstairs, downstairs, up again, round a corner. Crazy old building but lovely.
We left Venice early.

This is the Eurostar

This is from the top of our hotel....

Florence was full of tourists today because it was a "bank holiday" here. Elena who helped guide us around today said it was the most crowded she had ever seen it! Elena is a fellow beadmaker who I have known a few years and graciously agreed to
Guide us.

The Arno River.

Lunch in the political center.

The "faux" David is in the political center.

Leather shoes, purses gloves are all over. Love these colors.
I'm exhausted, going to bed!
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