Sunday, April 15, 2012

Venetian food (#10)

Italy has wonderful food. Things are so fresh..the bread, the cheese. The wine is good. Since we are in an apartment and my roommates are all wonderful cooks, we have been enjoying the fresh vegetables, etc. but we do eat out and I take photos of the colorful foods.

Some kind of candy.

I had this fruit salad in Florence and it was delicious.

This was wonderful wine we had at dinner in a restaurant a couple of times. :)

At the Rialto Market there was also meats.

Yes...gelato is good!

In a store window I saw Campbell's soup in Italian.

Sharlyn savorimg her cappuccino .

Creme Carmel

Cannoli ... I love these things!

Not sure what these are?

I'll end with this photo as it is just so pretty!
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