Thursday, April 12, 2012

Murano. (#7)

I thought that numbering these blogs while in Italy would help keep them straight but after having a couple of the blogs kind of "disappear" I don't know if it is working or not.

Anyway, today we went to Murano, our glass "Mecca" (to Sharlyn and I ). We took the Vaporetto across the Grand Canal to the San Marco area, then on to another Vaporetto to Murano .

This is a Vaporetto stop where we are getting off. On this boat we saw a military like guy get on with a gun strapped to his leg, and what might have been an Uzzi in his arms. Don't know who or what he was but I sure wasn't going to take his picture!

Mom..can't I go out and play? Dog in a window in Murano.

Nice grill work on a window.

Street art on the island. Glass of course!

Love this glass window at the restaurant we ate at.

More street art glass. This was by the glass school, Abate Zanetti. We stopped by to see Ofilia Cintra who was there making beads and also watched a glassmaker make some glass animals. It is a beautiful school.

This was in the Grand Canal .... Don't you think it was a bit overloaded??

We spent some money on Murano, helping the economy. More photos later of some of the jewelry.
We also bought some tools at Carlo Dona's. :)


Nancy Peterson

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Erika said...

wonderful! enjoy your trip!