Saturday, April 7, 2012

Venice #2 in series

Good evening. Another busy day here in this lovely city. We started out by going to another trattoria for our cappuccino as our local one was closed.

This is Tonolo bakery, probably one of the best in Venice. We had some sort of cinnamon roll but different. It was wonderful. I dream of this coffee at night!

Here's the night shot I promised last evening.

Mask shop

Wisteria is blooming .

Flower market at Santa Margarita Square.

Delivering goods this morning.

Easter shoes I guess.

Some folks were doing laundry as it was such a good drying day. I did too.

We went to a miniature glass exhibit.

These are all six inches or less.

Shopped at a marbled paper place.

And we ended our day with a wonderful dinner made by our gourmet cook Deb!

Ciao !

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