Sunday, April 13, 2008

Burano, Italy: Color overload for your senses

Our trip today, Sunday, April 13, 2008, was from Murano over to the island of Burano, Italy. It is about 1/2 hour Vaporetto ride from Murano. Burano is the island of lacemakers and is quiet but it has some of the most colorful and beautiful houses I have ever seen. I understand that they were painted different bright colors so that the fishermen could see their own houses at night from the sea and not climb into bed with another woman!
Color along the canal.

Me looking over the island of Burano.
Hanging the umbrellas out to dry.
Elena and the shopkeeper of a bead shop that made felted beads, placing with lampwork beads. They dyed their roving for the felted beads. Very lovely shop.
Flowers blooming.
Pretty lace garments were sitting outside to tempt us inside the shop.
At one of the lacemaking shops. This is where we stopped to chat to a lacemaker that Ophelia knows. Luckily Elena (our Italian friend) was with us to interpret.
Here's our group with the lacemaker. She sits in back of the shop doing lace with her feet on a little footstool.
Lovely lavender.
Purple and green make great neighbors on the island of Burano, Italy.
Many of the doors had cloth doors too. I guess that is so they can have privacy while leaving their doors open. I wondered how the locals like all these tourists walking around looking at their houses, their laundry hanging out and taking photos of everything.
Pretty green house with matching laundry.
Some of the group looking into a pasty shop.
These lace garments were gorgeous.
Burano blue house and blue fence to match.
The front gate to the house.

Houses along the canal.
More canal. Every place we turned was so picturesque that I just kept my camera on.
Lovely door handle.
"Color is like Music. It uses shorter way to come to our senses to awake our emotions." This was a tile on a house.
Burano, Italy is the island in the Venetian lagoon that is famous for its lacemakers and colorful homes. Even on a cloudy day the houses just take your breath away. Vibrant colors - I think I should make a set of "Burano Beads" when I get home! Can't you just see them?
Love the hot pink house.
Here's a little house tucked away; maybe it is painted hot pink so you can find it in the midst of the others. By the way, it seemed to be laundry day on Burano - as noted by all the laundry you will see hanging outside. Sunday is laundry day.
Our lunch group: Elena (our Italian friend), Angelo, Nancy, Karen and Jen. Dave took our photo. A little wine, a little cheese, a little salami, fresh bread and fresh pizza. What a lunch!
Even the boats on Burano are colorful.

Luigi has this antique Moretti color card. The colors are seed beads! We started our Sunday morning with latte of course! Then we went to Luigi's to see glass to buy. Subsequently there was a glass feeding frenzy!!
Some of the moretti that Luigi was selling to our group.
Luigi is the Vetrofund agent and he is our apartment landloard!
Jen is happy after buying herself some glass to take home. I don't have enough room in my suitcase for glass so didn't buy anything. Just along to document the trip.


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