Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Murano Class Ends - but not trip!

Today was the last day of our six day course. Kind of sad to leave but I am exhausted. We've been working hard in class, visiting many different Murano and Venice places and enjoying ourselves. I have been trying to soak up the very artistic atmosphere here to take back with me.

A view of the "back canals" of Murano.
Of course I have to show more photos of dogs and cats on Murano! This was a puppy who came to the studio today - just a little 2 month Black Lab puppy. So cute and playful.

This is my little winged torso that I made in class. It was a hard class for me as I haven't done anything like this off the mandrel but I did learn a lot and with lots of practice should improve. The techniques that I learned for watching a master artisan will be invaluable.
Here I am working away!
A boat unloading the day's goods first thing in the morning before the tourists get to Murano. Just like the trucks do at home.

We had a birthday party for Lucio - gifts, food, drink and lots of laughter. One of his presents was an "Italian Stallion" t-shirt which his friends thought was hilarious. Here he is with Opehlia.
Lucio in his new Wolverine Football baseball cap! Go Blue!
Ophelia hanging with the Italian men!
Yes, Lucio looks good in his new Wolverine cap!
Say what?

Lucio's tiny kitchen. We had to cook our party stuff in this small stove. But we did.

The selection of music in the studio. Hundreds of CDs. Lucio loves Proco Harem, Elton John, Genesis, Rolling Stones, etc.

Folks working hard at Lucio Bubucco class. The studio is nice, venting system works well.
Rommate Jen working on her blog at night - just as we are right now!
A delivery boat like you see here every morning. And it has been raining a lot.
Jamaica the resaturant dog looking outside. We had to eat lunch inside the other day as it was cold and nasty. Even the dog wanted to go out and play!
Lucio made a couple little tiny beads just for fun: cat and mouse and a wood duck. Of course they were perfect and he made with such ease.


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Love the little black dog. What is his name?