Thursday, April 10, 2008

Italian Tools

Our visit to the Carlo Dono tool shop! That is Roberto in the background. You can see how wide it is--tiny! In fact while we were there they got a shipment (on a handcart) of huge steel pipes. Several men had to carry them in and we all stood on one side.

Angelo and Karen are furnace workers while Jen and I are lampworkers so we are all happy visiting this shop. Wonderful workmanship.

Some of the tools on the wall. We spent a few Euros here!

This "assistant" on the table to the right is the handiest thing I have ever seen and used. We have them in Lucio's workshop and I like it. So one is coming home with me.

Since I don't know how to re-arrange photos on my blog this picture of lunch is in the middle of Lucio's figures. This is my lunch - pasta carbonara. Excellent!
Glass mask made out of the structures.

Mermaid made in class by Lucio today.

For some reason lots of my photos of beads are turning out fuzzy--but so be it. This is a photo of the frog that Lucio made for me in class today. He has been teasing me about frogs and today he made me one. Told me I could have one! He is not giving out his figures but I guess he will make a little something for everyone. And this is off the mandrel.
Lucio Bubacco with me.

Lucio hard at work on something. And yes he is a good looking Italian guy!! And very nice.....with a sense of humor. We love men with a sense of humor.

Lucio takes us all out to a restaurant for lunch. We walk over a bridge and a ways to this little restaurant and have some pasta dish, rolls and maybe a coffee. This shows some of the group waiting. There is a huge Bernese (sp?) Mountain Dog that lives at the restaurant. tomorrow I will take a photo. Today the dog was called into the restaurant for lunch -- lunch was meat and pasta in dog bowls!!! Love it. otherwise he/she sits outside. We sit outside in a covered area.

Lucio figure on a structure/base.

Some apartment photos:

While in Murano we are staying in some apartments. My apartment that I share with Jen has a little bathroom, bedroom, little kitchen/living area. But we also have a cute courtyard for hanging out our laundry and a great stained glass window that opens to the canals of Murano. In the mornings while we sit at the table drinking our capacino (that Jen makes!) we see the Murano people walking to the Vaporetto (water bus) and the little kids walking to school, the garbage boat, etc.

The bathroom is also where we hang clothes to dry as it has been raining! We do have a nice warm towel rack in the bath.
This shows the little kitchen: microwave, refrigerator, cooktop and a little clothes washer. We have been eating pasta with veggies, pesto and grated fresh cheese. And with that we have fresh sausage. For our appetizers we are enjoying inexpensive Chianti, gorganzola cheese and fresh bread.

Here's our "living room". There is a TV - I haven't watched it yet. But Jen had it on the other night and I guess Friends was on in dubbed in Italian. Oh - see the Kelloggs wheat flakes -- that is our breakfast with bananas. Got to have strength to work 9 hours on the torch!
Angelo and Karen looking out the window at the rain! This was after class. Note the wine on the table.

Montepulciano Photos:

Street in Montepulciano. This is Tuscany which we visited on Monday.
Lots of up and down--mostly up!
The town square. For lunch we bought delicious bread, salami and pecorino cheese for sandwiches. In fact, we have been buying similar all over the place for our lunches. It tastes so good here!

Here's a few photos from Montepulciano, Italy. It is famous for its wine. This is a small Tuscany hill town, very classic.

See the kitty in the window!! He was cute and he just sat there and looked at us taking photos.

Ahhh - one of the wine shops!

A cool wall.


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