Saturday, April 12, 2008


Bread shop folks! They look happy.
Houses on the Grand Canal. More photos of Venice to follow here but I will post more at another time. Hope everybody is enjoying my blog!

While riding a Vaporetto on the Grand Canal we heard police sirens. Then this police boat came roaring down the canal - you can see he is a blurr. Actually it looked fun! All the boats slowed down or stopped such as we pull over to the side.
The Rialto Bridge on the Grand Canal.
San Marco Square and the Doge's Palace. Great architecture.
This is in the lagoon between Venice and Murano. I don't know what it is but I like it!

Fog in Venice. On Vaporetto to Venezia this morning. Very picturesque. Note the traffic.
On the Grand Canal. It was kind of cool today and rain off and on all day. The storm clouds are behind the buildings. We even saw lightening.
One of the palaces along the Grand Canal. Such beauty and lots of deterioration.
We found a mask shop full of wonderful masks. So we tried on lots of masks and took lots of photos! It is called il Cannovaccio in Venezia.
That is me in the mask!

Yesterday we worked on beads in our class. Everything else is off the mandrel. This was Lucio Babucco's bead - it is huge and has a 3 D lady on it!
This one has a man head on it and is quite large.
And this is mine with a fish on the bead. We made the item to put on our bead off the mandrel and then attached them later to our beads.
My workbench in Lucio's studio. You can see the "assistant" stand with rods on it to the right. There are some broken cherubs to the left (mine have all broken so far). Most of our figures are with black or ivory Morretti.

For my former co-workers to see a dump boat hauling away rubble on Murano. Note the glass street art in the background.
Veggie man selling his wares this morning.
And you know I can't resist a good picture of a dog! This guy was waiting for his owner who just stepped away.
This is good - some of the bridges over the small canals in Murano have wheelchair lifts. Note the white "box" in the middle of the bridge.
Started out the morning with my latte. In fact, two lattes as they are sooo good. Roommate Jennifer makes wonderful coffee in our little percolator.
Window next door to our apartment.
Foggy day on the canal in Murano today, Saturday, April 12, 2008.


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