Friday, April 11, 2008

Murano Dog and Tiramisu

After looking at the comments I noticed that someone wanted know about the "assistant" that I bought at the Carlo Dono tool shop. You thought I bought an Italian assistant maybe?! Well, see the metal stand to the right of the torch? It is called an assistant and keeps the rods in the flame, if you wish. You move them up and down as needed. I'll show it in action at a later time. It is very handy!
The Tiramisu. Delicious!
The Coop where we get groceries. We're all going after class as we had a party this evening.
In the veggie department.
Towards the meat department.

Murano Dog - a Burnese Mountain Dog right here on the island of Murano! She is a beautiful dog and every day when we go to this restaurant for lunch she is there waiting for customers. She runs around the street and has fun. This is her owner - I think the owner of the restaurant. He told me they got the dog from someone who didn't want her! In Italy dogs go everywhere - into pastisseres, restaurants, stores. Italy is a very dog friendly place.
Here she is to meet us for lunch.
Playing with a cat friend and the pigeons.
And the best part is her pasta lunch! They give her pasta and meat in her bowls, in the restaurant!! Yum.

Canal on Murano. This is where I walk to lunch every day.
After class going to the Co-op. The Coop is over by the white building.
Lucio's bead.

Foggy morning here in Italy today! The sun did shine a bit this afternoon--for about 5 minutes.
Jen making delicious latte for breakfast.
The stovetop percolator!

Here's Lucio's mermaid getting dressed--she isn't done yet.

Here she is all dressed. We use people's backs for contrast in our photos!
I call this the leaf lady - Lucio's work.


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