Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Class with Lucio Bubacco

We visited the Davide Salvatore furnace and shop before we started our glass class with Lucio today. So these first photos were taken in Davide's furnace and studio shop.

Davide Salvatore in his furnace.
This is the glass he makes - after it is fired he cold cuts it. It is absolutely gorgeous! Guess the pieces are $40,000 or so! But the amount of work in them is incredible.
Another Davide piece.

Today, April 9, 2008, I started the Lucio Bubacco class here on Murano, Italy. The following photos are from this class, showing him making some of the ladies and also some of his finished work.

Finished glass lady in a structure to hold her. this is what we were making today. Right! Mine didn't quite look like this--and I'm sorry but I don't have any pictures of my ladies!!
Lucio's ladies and men, pieces all go together such as this huge composition.
This is a piece of "street art" in Murano.

As most of you know, I am in Murano, Italy taking a glass class from Lucio Bubacco who is a master Italian glassmaker. He makes huge structures of glass but they are composed of pieces such as he is making in our class. He makes people just "dance" out of a rode of Morretti glass. It is absolutely amazing at how easy he makes it appear. This photo shows Lucio at work with the class watching. BTW, he is quite a good looking guy too! And a good sense of humor.
Lucia making the centeur.
One of his ladies out of glass.
Flaming the centeur (sp?).

I have to show everyone this bathroom we used in a pasterriere in Florence. It is the "hover" kind! Really hover. Actually it was like going in the woods!!


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Hawley Studios said...

What a wonderful opportunity! How exciting to learn from such a skilled artist!!

Love the shot of the toilet too... :D