Tuesday, April 8, 2008

More of Florence

The "fake" David. The real one is in the Academia but you cannot take photos.

My traveling companions in Florence and in Murano: Jen (from Texas), Angelo and Karen (from Wisconsin). Jen is my roommate in Murano. Karen and Angelo are furnace glass people (a couple) and Karen and Jen are sisters.
Lily at the Beaded Lily in Florence. We found an American in a bead shop! She was from Seattle and lives in Florence with Tim and their daughter. Below is Tim and their dog. Lily's shop is down a little street from Tim's lampwork studio.

And some "street art" in Florence, in front of the Uffizi Gallery.

Seahorses with Cosmo in the government square (I just thought they were cool).

Colorful buildings in Florence -- here on the River Arno. All the buildings have gorgeous colors.

Some more interesting cars in Florence. The little Ape truck which is the Italian work truck. And a cute little "Barbie" car that was parked in Florence. We saw lots of Smart cars. they cost about 15,000 euro as they are very popular now. Elana bought her used Fiat for 8,000 euro.

Some interesting windows - shutters outside in Florence and the other is in our hotel room in Florence.

Soaking in the bidet - great for sore feet!

Isn't this a cute little set of car and Moped? Love the pink color! These were sitting in Florence.

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boneman said...

OK, but, about using the bidet that way....make sure no one "flushes" as it were...(turns it on) or the mess isn't anywhere near as funny to clean as the look on their face when you do...