Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Accademia area

We are still "under the weather" but have enjoyed walking around neighborhoods today. After our coffee In the Campo we saw a new vendor set up selling clothes of all things. Some very nice sweaters and shirts. Sharlyn bought a lovely cashmere sweater for 35 euros. Then we bought dinner: salmon at the fish market in our Campo.

I wanted to show the washer...small and it took about an hour to wash.

This is the hot water heater which is above the washer. It is on demand hot water.

This unit is on the wall, operated by a remote and is a/c and heat. There is one in each of the two bedrooms and the kitchen. Last night we found out about heat through the radiators so are using those instead. Apparently it is more cost efficient according to Maurizio, our rental agent.

Over the Academia bridge so I could go to the leather artisan shop..still debating on a very unique purse.

We walked all around the Academia neighborhood and Peggy Guggenheim palazzo. It is amazing that this city can support so many little shops. The gate above is in back of the Guggenheim Museum. Peggy was an American heiress who was friend and patron to modern artists. In 1948 she retired to Venice and started one of the best collections anywhere of 20th century art.

Just a cool photo near the Guggenheim.

I believe this is San Giorgio Maggiore on Giudecca. We had cut over from the Guggenheim to Fondamenta Santo Saloni.

This is our rental agent, a very good looking Venetian, Maurizio, who along with his wife rent apartments. They have been very helpful to us and we are happy Rick Steves recommended them! If you go to Venice and would like an apartment check out their website at VeniceRentals.com. Any questions please send me an email.

I am a big fan of Dona Leon's series of books with Inspector Brunnetti so I had to check out where this fictional character lives ( although the place is real). The next couple shots show his building and street. I amazed myself that I found it through all sorts of twisty streets, pontes, shops!

A couple more Venetian scenes.


And a chocolate shop...I did buy a piece of dark chocolate and it is good although not sweet. Should last a while.

Caio from Venice!

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