Monday, October 25, 2010

Rain in Venice

Sitting outside our cafe this morning (our last full day) we watched the morning traffic of pedestrians and cani. Umbrellas were prevalent.

We walked to the P. Roma to get our bus ticket for the 5 am bus to the airport in the morning. Hopefully it isn't pouring rain for our walk rolling the suitcases tomorrow. It is a short walk with four bridges. This morning Sharlyn heard the aqua Alta high water siren go off.

We boarded the #1 vaporetto down the Grand Canal for our last trip ( in the rain). It was crowded.

See the casket in the boat going for their last ride down the Grand Canal too.

See the cell tower on this government building on the Grand Canal? Got off near San Marco Square and found a mess!

Water over your ankles in many areas, crowds of people pushing and shoving and jabbing with their umbrellas, and the ramps placed. You are suppose to walk on the right and let people pass going the other way. Some of the ramps are narrow and this becomes a test of your endurance!
Police were there to keep things fairly orderly. Some of the smart people had boots so could just wade through the water. We did not have extra room in our suitcases to bring our Bean boots!

This photo shows that most of the main San Marco area was underwater.

Caio from Venice ; I'm flying home tomorrow.


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