Sunday, October 17, 2010

Dominica--Sunday in Venice

Today was a quiet Sunday. I slept in a little bit as I had a scratchy throat and didn't feel too good. Our little bar was closed but we found another one in the Campo open with capacinno and brioches. It was pouring rain and has been off and on all day. And damp cold. My scarf and hat have felt good.

Today I am just putting on a few photos. Here is one showing a public WC.

The photo from yesterday at San Marco Square where folks were walking on the planks shows this guy with two suitcases trying to walk on the planks without knocking off the people coming down the other side!

The above photos show our little street where our apartment door is located.
The last photo was from this morning in the rain.

I am darn glad I bought these cute little slipper things before I came as the beautiful terrazzo floor is cold!

The bridge is right by my apartment and the lovely Terra cotta colored building has a pine tree and a palm tree! Unusual to even see a tree in Venice.

We walked to a little bar to get a panini and these Fanzies. fanzies seem to be sort of like Cheetos but not so cheesy. They were very good I thought.

Caio from Venice!


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