Thursday, October 14, 2010

Murano day tripping

Today (Thursday ) we had our leisurely two capacinos in the campo..the same one that I am sitting in now, in the dark with hundreds of students milling about. the University Foscari (?) is in the neighborhood.

Stairs to our apartemento.


Sharlyn working on her computer in our kitchen. she has a Vodaphone USB for her computer. This does not work with my iPad.  And the rest of the room which is kind of like a family room.


My bedroom.


Hallway. We have two bathrooms.  The apartment had thick windows and shutters that we shut at night and during the day when we were gone.


Us in front of some public art on the Island of Murano.


Some of  Davidae Salvatore's beads.

Paolo Cenedese working on his fabulous shells in his shop. I think we spent about an hour with Paolo and his wife as they were so much fun! Did you lamp workers know he has a rock band? He made several off mandrel shells for us as well as an artists paintbrush for me.

Forgot to mention our visit to the Carlo Dona tool shop and Roberto Dona. Of course Sharlyn and I bought tools!!

We enjoyed the people and some of the glass shops on Murano, spending many Euros on the island. I stopped in to see Lucio Bubacco and he seemed to remember me from class two years ago. he was packing up his structures in crates for the SOFA show in Nocember.

After the vaporetto ride to Ferovia, the train station we started walking back home, winding along the canals and small streets. We found a restaurant for dinner since we were hungry and too lazy to cook dinner.

this is a photo of my Gnocchi with mushrooms. OMG it was excellent!

Ciao for this evening from Venice, Italy....Nancy

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Erika said...

Welcome in Italy Nancy! I love Venice too. Enjoy your trip :)