Wednesday, October 20, 2010


We are still both sick. I woke up early coughing and I heard Sharlyn coughing. When I woke up again it was 9 am so we decided to postpone our jaunt to Burano. Tomorrow hopefully we will feel a little better and the forecast says "bountiful" sun!

So after breakfast and coffee we took the vaporetto to the Rialto stop.

Grand Canal on a busy weekday morning.

Coming up to the Rialto vaporetto stops on the right.

The two above photos show some art students sketching along the canal and the other photo shows the high water today. It goes to the top of the canal walls and up the stairs.

this cappacino was very pretty!

chicken George hasn't been out much lately ... He has a cold too. But he did come along today and helped me pick a nice Italian leather purse! It was either this one (soft leather under 40 euros) or the handmade one from the leather shop with the Graziano bead for 250 euros!

This is the floor in our kitchen. I love it!

When we can we snap photos of interesting jewelry pieces.

Caio from Venice.......Nancy/Beaver Island Jewelry

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