Saturday, October 16, 2010

San Marco Square

Even though it was Saturday and probably the most touristy day here in Venice, we went to San Marco Square as we had reservations for the Doges Palace Secret Itinerary Tour. But first we lined up for The Basilica. Aqua Alta had happened last night (high water) so part of San Marco Square was flooded and people were walking on the high ramps. We had heard the warning sirens this morning in our apartment but didn't know what it meant.



These photos show the water. Later in the day it dissipated. I am standing by one of the St Mark lions which are everywhere. I love them. People were crowded onto the walkways, some people dragging along 2 suitcases apiece! Apparently they did not read Rick Steves suggestion to pack lightly for Venice!

Of course in the Basilica you cannot take photos but I managed one of the water covering the beautiful floor (see above).
We still had time before our reservation for the tour so we headed for the top of the Camponile tower.  See the photos above.

The above four photos are taken from the top of the Camponile; one in each of the four directions. So what you are seeing is Venice from above, including the lagoon. Also you see San Marco Square and the onion domes of the Basilica.


The three of us (above photo): from left Bri, Sharlyn and me! Yes, I still have lots of hair!


Bri and Sharlyn checking out the merchandise.

The Mouth of Truth. I love this guy! He/she is waiting for gossip from the citizens of Venice during the Doges time (1150 - 1550). A complaint or suspicion could be placed here anonymously and the wheels of justice would then go to work.


In the prison. We could not photograph most of the Palace.


from the Bridge of Sighes.


Bridge of sighs.


Me in the Square.


Of course Sharlyn and I are photographing or drawing lots of jewelry ideas!


Every corner is a photo or painting opportunity.


Crowds of folks shopping, on our way to the Rialto Bridge.


The Rialto Bridge.


This is the water fountain in "our" square - Santa Margherita. Note the lady! By the way, the water is excellent.

Interesting fact- Bri is leaving Monday so we calculated our shares of groceries for one week. It was under 100 Euros for the three of us! It has paid off to cook most of our meals in the apartment. Now the charges for cappacino.....that is another matter! And tonight I tried a Proseco ... Yum!

Ciao from Venice, Italy!

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