Saturday, October 23, 2010

Traghetto ride

Today our goal, beside shopping our way to San Marco Square, was to ride a traghetto across the Grand Canal. Only four bridges cross the Grand Canal but traghettis are like shuttles across the canal. So we rode the one at St. Samuelle for 1 euro. Best euro spent here in Venice! It was fun..we didn't stand like locals but sat down. You are down low, right on the water.

This car was at one side of the St. Samuelle stop. Decorative art I guess.

Wanted to show another bead of Vittorio Constatini..his Monarch is impressive. Looks real doesn't it?

And this is for my was in an antique shop and appears to be a pocket pharmacy. The one behind was even smaller but had more little bottles.

Medusa mask I believe.

Me and my favorite winged lion!

Sharlyn and a lion.

Caia from Venice!

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