Monday, October 18, 2010

Wandering the back streets of Venice

The other day while at San Marco Square and the Basilica I mentioned the aqua Alta water coming into the church. The top photo shows that but actually it makes the beautiful tile stand out even more. The second photo is the ceiling mosaic at the Basilica, snapped on my way out. I'm lucky I haven't been picked up by the police yet for taking illegal photos.

This morning I woke with a bad cold, runny nose, scratchy throat. A hot shower, some drugs, a couple cappocinos and I felt a little better. Had to visit a little store to buy a box of tissues which I have been clutching all day!

These photos show a stamp shop for my stamp collecting friends.

Sharlyn bundled up this morning having her cappocino. It was quite cool but at least it wasn't raining as forecast. And an early morning shot of our Campo which is feeling like home.

After our friend Bri left for Florence Sharlyn and I just started wandering. We ran into this mask shop where Tom Cruise and Nicole Kidman got their masks for the movie "Eyes Wide Shut".

And beautiful shots around every corner:

Murrini butt.

From Acadamia Bridge over the Grand Canal. The vaporetto bus stops at these little "houses".

Here's the Farmacia where I stopped to get some medicine to stem the flow of my runny nose! The postman was stopped outside the door.

Our panni lunches. Top was mine with roast beef, tomatoes and arugula. Delicious! Sharlyn was brave and tried the shredded horse meat! Haven't seen any horses around Venice...maybe this is why.

Next stop was a wonderful leather shop that made their own bags and used Graziano's hollowed, flattened beads! They seemed surprised that I recognized the beads! I am seriously contemplating a specially designed bag that holds your iPad with the purse. What do you think? Spend euros for a beautiful handmade purse?

On the way to La Fenice the opera house.

Le Fenice Opera House..during the 18th century this was one of seven in Venice and one of the most famous European opera houses. For 200 years this continued but in 1996 an arson gutted the theater. But Le Fenice (which means "the Phoenix" strangely enough) has risen from the ashes after 8 years of rebuilding.

Scarves are sold everywhere and they are all beautiful. These were E8 which isn't too bad a price.

Caio from Venice! Hope you are enjoying.....


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