Sunday, October 24, 2010

Dominica Marathon in Venice

Today is a quiet day here in Venice. Lots of church bells this morning. We went to the Tonolo Bakery in the Calle San Pantalon for our caffe. I got a brioche with cream in it versus my usual with jam. This bakery is mentioned in my favorite novels of Venice, the Dona Leon Inspector Brunneti series. Their display of pastries was endless; so much to choose from that I got my usual!

This is my usual brioche with jam.


Along the way to the Giudecca waterway we saw this boat loaded with wine. Sharlyn thought they were the bottles that families have for their personal wine in their homes.



A marathon was going on when we got to the Fondemente along the Giudeca. Ramps had been put up over all the bridges so they didn't have to run up and down steps!



This alpine looking place is the gondola workshop. The workman are from the Dolomite region as they need to be good with wood. New gondolas cost about 35,000 to 50,000 euros. Every 40 days the gondolas need new varnish to protect the hull from wood eating creatures in the lagoon.

Gondolas are always painted black (six coats) because of a 17th century law by the Doge to eliminate competition.

Across the rio from the gondola workshop were painters.


Dogs and more dogs were out enjoying Dominica in Venice.


And we found one of those little boxes/face where people could tattle on their fellow Venetians. Funny thing is there was a little mini me mouth high up the wall too? Looks like the building was an opera house at one time.


Shoes anyone?

Another view of Santa Margherita Square on a weekday.

This is the Campo Santa Margherita where I catch the wifi under "Venice Connected" each day. The old building in the middle has some antennas connected to a light which is probably my wifi source. Last night I talked to my husband on Skype here; worked great!


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