Friday, October 15, 2010

household duty day

Today we decided to take it easy somewhat. We started the morning doing the wash (my wash) in the tiny machine which took a good hour to wash the clothes. No dryers so I hung my wash on the line outside our window. We are on the second floor.

That's my wash up there!

We also decided to do the dishes in the dishwasher. Somehow we blew the fuse/switch so had to call Maurizio at Venice Rentals to get further information. there was a second fuse box and that did the trick! You cannot have the dishwasher, washing machine and chargers and heating at the same time!

Sharlyn and I decided to visit the Ca' Ressonico to see a 1700's palazzo. There is period furniture and frescos by Tiepolo on two floors. We saw a period bedroom and even a pharmacy ! No photos were to be taken. Ut the guides were busy talking and not watching the museum so.......

A couple of the Tiepolo ceiling frescos above and a view to the Grand Canal from the piano nobile floor.

The two photos above are the Pharmacia!

We also needed groceries so got our veggies fresh at the market stand in our campo and then walked to the Billa supermarket which is quite nice. Since they charge for bags we brought our own. Takes three of us to carry it all..especially when you have wine!

And then into our little refrigerator. Now I know why the Italians, or at least the Venetians are so thin....they walk everywhere, carry everything on their person. I forgot to mention that we stopped along the way for an espresso shot at the bar !


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