Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Orsoni Mosaic Factory and more

Today we had an appointment at Orsoni for a tour. Took a very slow vaporetto to Ferovia, the train station and then walked to Orsoni. It helped that I had been 2 years ago with Ophelia.

Great tour and here are some photos.

Glass color library.

even chicken George enjoyed the mosaics. He wanted to stay at the Doumo Orsoni with the women taking a class here.

The foundamenta near Orsoni. There are lots of dogs (canne)... And I love it!

A carnival/mask shop on our travels today.

We went to Vittorio Constatini's shop; enjoyed talking with them and looking at the wonderful tiny glass bugs, butterflies and birds.

Near the Rialto Bridge. Lots of little shops, including some permanent shops directly on the bridge. We found a lovely jewelry shop, La Perla. They were putting together great color combinations of beads, chains, cords.

Ciao for now. I am sitting in our campo outside as I use Venice Connected for the wifi for my little iPad . And it is starting to rain!

Nancy in Venice.

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